Importance of Gum Recession Treatment

Importance Of Your Gum Recession Treatment

Treating Gum Recession

For many, recession can be a symptom of a greater, underlying dental issue. Some of the key reasons to treat gum recession early on include:

  • May reduce the risk of loose teeth
  • Reduces pain and discomfort associated with inflammation of the gum tissue
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity
  • Restores a healthy looking smile
  • May reduce the risk of gum disease and other oral health problems

Treat Recession Today!

gum recession treatment is important

Your Sensitive Teeth May Be Sending You a Signal

Have you noticed that whenever you try to enjoy that hot cup of coffee in the morning or cold glass of ice water in the afternoon that you feel an uncomfortable twinge in your teeth? If so, you may have just chalked it up to having “sensitive teeth.” However, sensitive teeth are often a signal that your gums have begun to recede.

Gum recession is a common issue facing people of all ages, although it is more common in adults than children. That is why so many individuals and families come to Dr. Angela Cotey for gum recession treatment.

Dr. Cotey takes the time to determine exactly why a patient’s gum tissues have begun to pull back from the teeth they are supposed to protect. Working closely with our patients, she determines the best method to reverse any damages caused by this condition and to improve oral health.


Why Gum Recession Should Be Treated

Even if you feel that you can live with your sensitive teeth, you should get your gum recession under control. Otherwise, future problems are likely to occur, including:

  • Worsening discomfort that is impossible to ignore
  • Root surface decay and structural damage
  • Teeth that appear misshapen or longer
  • Staining or darkening of teeth near the gum line
  • Potential tooth loss


Imagine a Better Life without Sensitive Teeth

There is no reason to suffer from the annoyance of sensitive teeth or potential oral complications any longer. With gum recession treatment in near Madison, WI available from Dr. Cotey, you can enjoy every meal and beverage and a healthy oral environment. Call Dr. Cotey today to schedule your appointment!

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