Single and Multiple Missing Teeth

Dental Implants to Replace Single or Multiple Missing Teeth

Dental Implants Mimic Natural Tooth Structures

Replacing a single missing tooth can be most authentically accomplished with a single dental implant. The post of the implant mimics the root of your tooth while the dental crown looks and functions just like your natural tooth, requiring no additional maintenance.

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Dental Implants

Whether you have one missing tooth or many, Dr. Angela Cotey offers tooth replacement solutions to missing teeth near Madison, WI and the general region. These solutions are perfect if you are tired of dealing with the common issues related to missing teeth, such as:

  • Not being able to eat what you want
  • Not being able to speak clearly
  • Teeth are drifting or shifting into the open spaces
  • Embarrassment about the way you look

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Single Missing Tooth

If you are missing one tooth, you may want to opt for one of these treatments:

  1. A surgically placed dental implant. This is a permanent solution that uses a dental “post” and crown. The post acts like a normal tooth root, and the crown blends in perfectly with the surrounding teeth. Once it has been put into place, there is no additional maintenance needed beyond normal oral care.
  2. A permanent dental bridge. This type of tooth replacement does not use an implant. Instead, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth serve as anchors. They are prepared to support the end units of a bridge, which in this case would be three crown units fused together.
  3. A removable partial denture. Most patients of Dr. Cotey do not opt for partial dentures for single tooth replacement because they do not look as natural, and they must be taken out for regular cleaning and sleeping.


Multiple Missing Teeth

A large part of the effectiveness of dental implants is their versatility. Patients missing many teeth have the option of single dental implants at each site, bridges supported by dental implants rather than adjacent teeth, or implant supported dentures.

It should be noted that when replacing missing teeth the best choice is the one that provides an individualized approach. That is why a consultation with Dr. Cotey is so critical to determine the right way to approach the situation for you.

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