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A Safe, Option For Patients Sensitive To Metals

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Are Implants Right For You?

Since dental implants are composed from titanium, many people assume that metal allergies disqualify them from the tooth replacement procedure. While it’s certainly a possibility, the fact that you have a metal allergy does not in itself determine your eligibility.

Dental Implants Offer a Safe, Allergy Free Way to Restore Your Smile

Many individuals suffer from metal allergies that can cause a variety of symptoms from mild to severe. Thus, some of them have assumed that they cannot consider titanium based implants. However, this may or may not be the case.

The dental implants used by Dr. Angela Cotey are metallic in nature, but they are not metals, per se. The difference is that metallics are comprised of at least two metals. Therefore, some people who would be allergic to metals do not suffer any symptoms when they opt for metallic implants.

The tooth implant Dr. Cotey uses are made of either titanium or titanium alloy. Both offer superior strength and fuse well with the jaw bone of the patient after the post of the implant has been surgically installed. Scientific studies have shown that these types of teeth implants can cause limited allergic reactions, but such studies are under question because of their inherent limitations. Additionally, the American Dental Association has indicated that because any foreign body can be perceived as a “threat” to the human body, side effects unrelated to metal allergies may be misidentified as a metal allergy.


Discussing Safe Dental Implants

When you sit down with Dr. Cotey to talk more about dental implants, be certain to discuss any concerns you have regarding a potential metal allergy. She may recommend metal free implants, which are a possibility for some candidates. Alternatively, she may feel that you can proceed with titanium based implants.

The key is for you to feel good about proceeding with safe dental implants near Madison, WI. Please contact Dr. Cotey for more information regarding this topic, as well as the procedures and materials used.


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