Dental Implants 101

Dental Implants - Permanently Replace  Missing Teeth 

Promote Overall Jaw Health

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Preserve Bone in the Jaw

Traditional procedures pose risks of complications, whereas implants promote overall oral and jaw health. The presence of natural teeth or implants helps to preserve the jaw bone. An extracted or lost tooth can cause the bone to weaken or erode. Once placed, successful implants provide stability and work to maintain jaw health just as natural teeth do.

Fix Missing Teeth

The Solution to Replacing Missing Teeth?

Many adults find themselves with missing teeth as they age due to an accident, progressive gum disease, or other factor. Regardless, the empty space is now open to problems including bone loss and the movement of other teeth. This is why individuals often consider dental implants in Madison, WI for tooth replacement.

Dr. Angela Cotey regularly treats patients who are candidates for a tooth implant near Madison, WI. Please contact us today for your consultation.


Five Advantages of Dental Implants

When missing teeth are an issue, getting dental implants can be an excellent solution that affords plenty of wonderful benefits:

  1. The bone in the area of the missing teeth will be less likely to deteriorate.
  2. Diet will improve due to the ability of the patient to eat whatever he or she wants.
  3. Speech will no longer be affected due to missing teeth.
  4. The patient’s smile will be complete and look entirely natural.
  5. Adjacent and surrounding teeth will not have the opportunity to shift or drift out of alignment.


What to Expect During Your First Dental Implant Appointment
with Dr. Cotey

When Dr. Cotey first meets with you to talk about your missing teeth, she will want to do a full oral health exam which will include x-rays. Be prepared to talk about your oral hygiene history, as well as when you began to experience the problem of missing teeth. From that point, Dr. Cotey will provide you with examples of what you can do to improve your oral health and will create a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve a healthy, functional smile.

Remember: Missing teeth need not cause a lifetime of issues. Getting a tooth implant can be a practical, affordable answer. For more information, call Dr. Cotey’s office and schedule your appointment right away.

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