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Are Dental Implants Right For You?

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Implant Consultation

Before your doctor can develop a treatment plan, you will first need to schedule a dental implant consultation. During your consultation the following will be required:

  • Complete Oral Examination
  • X-Rays
  • Treatment Options Discussion
Dental Implant Placement Surgery Schedule Your Implant Consultation

What to Expect from Your Dental Implant Consultation

When you choose Dr. Angela Cotey as your provider for dental implants, you can expect a thorough initial consultation. This is due to the fact that all aspects of your oral health must be considered before a formal plan regarding your dental implants is determined.

During your dental implant consultation you will:

  • Have a complete oral exam with Dr. Cotey. This will help her identify any underlying problems that need to be addressed prior to your receiving dental implants, such as a tooth extraction or bone graft.
  • Have x-rays taken. These x-rays will assist Dr. Cotey in evaluating the level of bone available. Without x-rays, we cannot determine if adequate bone is present to support the placement of implants and whether or not any teeth require a tooth extraction prior to implant placement. Any retained root tips will also be evident on your x-rays, which would require extraction before beginning the implant procedure.
  • Have a discussion with Dr. Cotey about what to expect when you receive your implants. During this conversation, you will learn more about the procedure involved as well as have the opportunity to ask any questions about the process.


There are Numerous Benefits of Dental Implants

Many patients who have lost teeth may be surprised to learn that the area where the tooth used to be can be at risk of future problems. Because there is no tooth to stimulate the bone, deterioration starts to occur. Over time, this can seriously affect the individual’s appearance and oral health.

Dental implants counteract these problems because they fill the spot where a natural tooth once was. In essence, they become a new tooth in terms of the surrounding gums and jaw bone. Additionally, because they are permanent, they never need special treatment beyond good home care and regular cleanings and exams.

If you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants may be your ideal solution for tooth replacement near Fitchburg,  WI. To find out if teeth implants could help you achieve exceptional oral health, please contact Dr. Cotey right away.


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