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As a parent, you want the very best in healthcare for your child. A great portion of our feelings towards dental treatment later in life stems from the experiences we had when we were young. Dr. Angela Cotey and our compassionate team of dental professionals understand this, and have created a warm, fun, friendly environment for people of all ages, but particularly for our pediatric patients. Whether your child needs routine preventive care, restorative treatment, or braces, we are here to provide the foundation for a healthy future.

Pediatric Dentistry in Mount Horeb, WI

Full Service Pediatric Care Under One Roof

We know that bringing your child to the dentist can be a stressful time for the both of you. To reduce any worry, fear, or concern, we make a concerted effort to provide all necessary treatment for your child right in the comfort of our own practice, and rarely have to refer pediatric patients to specialists. We feel that it is important to build a relationship with you and your child, one founded on trust, compassion, and familiarity. When your child requires fillings, space maintainers, or other dental services, we meet their needs with gentle, compassionate oral care. Many of our procedures even incorporate the use of nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” providing the relaxing, stress-free visit your child needs.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Services for a Brilliant Smile

As part of our commitment to providing full service pediatric care, we offer comprehensive orthodontic services for children and teenagers. In fact, Dr. Cotey has the expertise required to provide early interceptive orthodontic treatment, often reducing the overall time your child spends wearing braces. Whether your child or teen is a candidate for phased dentistry or can go right into traditional braces, Dr. Cotey makes every effort to ensure they receive the timely, quality, gentle care they deserve.

Saving Teeth with Pulpotomy Procedures

An infected tooth warrants the need for immediate, expert care. At times, a tooth may become infected internally as bacteria make their way into the center portion, or “pulp” of the tooth. To treat such an infection, and save the tooth, Dr. Cotey may need to perform a pulpotomy. This endodontic procedure involves thorough removal of infected pulp tissue from within the tooth structure and placement of a sedative filling that remains until the infection is fully healed. Dr. Cotey will then strengthen the tooth with a permanent restoration, returning function and comfort to your child’s smile.

From placing braces to providing oral hygiene instruction, Dr. Angela Cotey is proud to serve patients of all ages in our community. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with our gentle, caring pediatric dentist near Madison, WI.

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