Teenagers often need braces due to alignment issues in their teeth. While you cannot always decide when exactly you want your kid to get braces, summer can be an ideal time to get them. If you are concerned with your teen’s dental health, schedule an appointment with our general dentist to get more information. 

Benefits of Getting Braces During Summer
A huge advantage of first getting braces during the summer is that appointments are easier to schedule. Your child is not in school, so you do not have to worry about pulling them out so that the braces can first be adhered. Subsequent appointments need to be scheduled so that the dentist can ensure the treatment is advancing as planned, and again, the summer makes that easier. If your teen plays sports,  he or she may have some time to rest during the summer, giving you time to find the perfect mouthguard. 

Tips for Adjusting to Braces
Since your teenager will have a lot less going on, more time can be spent adjusting to the braces. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to adjusting to a new diet. Certain foods cannot be eaten while wearing braces, and during the summer is the time to figure this out so that you know what to pack your child for lunch during the school year. Additionally, during the first week or so, some discomfort is associated with getting braces. This is normal but can be otherwise distracting if your teenager has to sit in class trying to focus. Pain medication can be taken to deal with some of the discomfort.

See a Dentist
Dr. Angela Cotey and her staff are waiting to see you or your teenager for braces in Mount Horeb, WI and to provide you with the best dental treatment possible. The phone number for our office is 608-437-7645.