If you have a missing or badly damaged tooth, then your general dentist may recommend giving you a dental implant in Mt. Horeb, WI. Implants have a high success rate and can last for quite a while as long as they are properly maintained. While they are not prone to tooth decay like natural teeth, implants can still accumulate bacteria, which can lead to gum disease if you are not careful. Ultimately, there are two things you need to do in order to ensure long-lasting dental implants.  

See Your Dentist Every So Often

It is recommended that you see a professional dentist once every six months. That time frame becomes even more important when you have an implant. The reason for this is that dentists have much more powerful tools for removing excessively accumulated bacteria. Seeing a dentist becomes even more paramount if the implant itself is visible. Dental implants should remain under the line of sight below the gum line, so if the titanium can be seen, then it means gum recession has already occurred. 

Brush Your Teeth on Your Own Time

You can be confident that your visit to a general dentist will be much more positive if you take care of your teeth at home. It is suggested that you floss at least once a day and brush twice daily. No real special measures need to be taken around the implant itself. You just need to make sure you brush below and above the gum line so that your risk of gum disease is reduced. 

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