As a parent, your child’s health is extremely important to you. You want to trust the dentist or doctor that handles your child’s pediatric dentistry treatment and be confident that they will do what’s best for them. At Village Smile Care, we listen to your concerns and make sure you understand the pros and cons of any treatment before making a decision.  

Just like adults, children can have problems with decay and disease in their teeth. When a part of the nerve or pulp of the tooth is diseased, your dentist in Mt. Horeb, WI, may opt for a pulpotomy to remove the unhealthy portion of the tooth. Some parents fear this type of treatment for their children, so we want you to understand exactly how beneficial it can be.

 Keep the Tooth Maintained  

 When a tooth is diseased, the other option is to remove the baby tooth and wait until the permanent one comes in. While this may work in some cases, it also allows for the teeth to shift, and the permanent tooth may not come in at the right spot. After a pulpotomy, a silver crown is often placed on the top of the tooth to keep it strong until the permanent tooth comes in. This ensures that the tooth holds the place and that your baby’s teeth don’t shift before they are ready.  

 If a diseased tooth is left untreated, infection and pain will increase. Eventually, the permanent tooth under the gums may be affected by the disease baby tooth that has already come through. If the disease is left untreated, it is common for an abscess to develop and the entire tooth may need to be removed.  

 We Understand Your Concerns  

 We never want you to make a decision about your children’s teeth until you are comfortable with it. If your child has a toothache or a tooth that may be decayed, schedule an appointment today to discuss your concerns with Dr. Cotey.