While brushing your teeth or checking out your smile in the mirror, you might have noticed your gums have started to pull away from your teeth. Receding gums are a serious issue in regards to your overall oral health, an issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. Dr. Cotey and the rest of us are here to educate you on gum recession and offer up some expert tips on how you can prevent further recession.   
The Cause of Gum Recession  
Some of the reasons for your receding gums include:  
●        Using tobacco
●        Periodontal disease
●        Shifts in your hormones
●        Improperly brushing your teeth
●        Insufficient dental hygiene
●        Genetics  
Not only is the appearance of your smile impacted by gum recession, your teeth can become more sensitive as a result. One thing a dentist like Dr. Cotey will share with you is the fact that once your gum tissue is gone, it cannot grow back, which is why it’s so essential to take proper care of your gums and address recession.  
Tips for Preventing Gum Recession  
Thankfully, there are steps you can take to prevent your gums from receding. If you currently smoke or chew tobacco, it’s best that you stop if you hope to maintain the health of your gums as well as the health of the rest of your body. We also recommend you see your dentist regularly so you can be aware if there are issues with your gums and take a proactive approach to your oral health.  
You should also eat healthy foods to protect the integrity of your gums as well as your teeth overall. Before you brush your teeth again, check to see that your toothbrush bristles are soft; hard bristles can do more harm than good when brushing your teeth. Even though you’ve been brushing your teeth all your life, there’s a chance you might be doing so with an improper technique. Dr. Coety would be happy to offer you some tips.  
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