Have you ever wanted to correct your smile without the hassle and unsightliness of braces? It’s very common to want to correct your smile, but braces can be uncomfortable, especially for adults. There is a solution to your problem, and it’s called Invisalign. A dentist like Dr. Angela Cotey will have options for you. It is the best alternative to braces for five reasons.

1. Removable Aligners
One of the worst parts of braces is the food that gets stuck between the brackets and your teeth. This can be frustrating and add time to your oral hygiene routine, not to mention the bad breath. With Invisalign®, those days are over. The clear aligners are easily removed before eating, so you don’t have to worry about getting food stuck in them.

2. Cost-Effective invisalign - Mt Horeb, WI
In many cases, alternative treatments to tried-and-true methods are more expensive. Invisalign, however, costs roughly the same as traditional braces.  

3. Esthetic
Braces aren’t usually an adult’s first choice for cosmetic dentistry. Invisalign trays are clear and form to the shape of your teeth, and in many cases are hard to even notice.

4. More Comfortable Than Traditional Braces
With traditional braces, tightening and adjusting appointments will often result in sore, sensitive teeth for a few days. Patients with Invisalign have reported far less discomfort, even when new trays are molded and put into place.

5. Timeframe
 Some of you may have heard that though Invisalign is more esthetically pleasing than traditional braces, the timeline to completion is longer. In most cases, this is false. Many patients have shown correction times just as quick as those with braces.
With a list of advantages like these, it’s no wonder Invisalign continues to have such high demand. Dr. Cotey can determine if you are a candidate for treatment. If you are looking to improve your smile both for appearance and functionality, please contact our office to inquire about your Invisalign in Mt. Horeb, WI!