When you lose a tooth, whether from an accident, gum disease or some other issue, a dental implant might be the right solution for you. It is very durable and comfortable and does not cause issues with talking or eating. That is why Dr. Angela Cotey at Village Smile Care provides many of her clients with dental implants. Before you get this type of treatment, it is beneficial to understand what to expect.

Initial Appointment

The process begins with an initial appointment and consultation. During this visit, we will review your case and perform a comprehensive exam. This might include x-rays, teeth impressions and other screenings, such as a CT scan. These provide us with comprehensive knowledge of your mouth, including any nerves or sinus issues. You might end up needing a bone graft to add more bone into your jaw providing a foundation to handle the dental implant. If this is the case, then it will push back the implant surgery to provide time to heal.

Placing of the Implant

The next step in the process is to actually place the dental implant with surgery. There will be a plastic guide made from the images taken during the screening. This helps the dentist put the implant in the right location. Upon completion of the insertion of the implant, you will need to have a few months of recovery before moving on to the next step.

Placing of the Crown

Once your gum and jaw have healed from the implant, you are able to handle a crown on the tooth. Most of the time, this will start with a temporary crown and then advance to a permanent one later on. The temporary crown is a softer material, which helps to further protect your jaw as it heals. Once you are ready, you will have the permanent crown placed.

Start the Process

Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cotey and start the process. We will review your case, take further screenings to determine if you are a strong candidate for dental implants and move on from there.