Properly aligned teeth do great things for your smile and can prevent certain types of mouth pain. If you have been diagnosed with a dentofacial deformity or any other misalignment requiring an orthodontic procedure, there are some great benefits to receiving this care from your general dentist.  


Seeing your general dentist for orthodontic care can be less expensive than seeing a dedicated orthodontist. From insurance coverage to third-party financing options, your general dentist already has all the information about your medical finances necessary to give you the best price possible.  

Existing Relationship  

When you receive orthodontic care from your general dentist you can proceed with the knowledge that you are already an established patient and all of your dental information is on record. Part of this established relationship means you don't have to look through various orthodontists to find the best one, this is work you already did to choose your general dentist. Save yourself time by trusting your first decision.  

Easy Scheduling

Because you are an established patient, there is no need for multiple consultation visits before getting the orthodontic care you need. Sometimes, getting established with a new provider can take extra time and effort. There is also the possibility that new patient appointments are restricted to certain days or times. Since you are already established with your general dentist, you don't have to worry about this constraint.   Save yourself time, money and effort when you seek orthodontic care from your general dentist. The possibility of a less expensive procedure coupled with the ease of scheduling you get from an existing relationship means you may have a lot to gain.  

Schedule Your Next Appointment Today  

If you have a need for orthodontic care, call our office today to set up your appointment. We can help you decide which procedure is right for you and how best to pay for it.